LMS Management

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, it's more important than ever to use a Learning Management System (LMS), to host e-learning and online training for students, employees, and colleagues.  While most companies take the first step to contract an LMS, they rarely invest in the long term effort of managing and maximizing their Learning System.  This lack of attention to the intricacies of the true power of an LMS, may contribute to a general dissatisfaction with the LMS platforms that are offered on the market today.  In fact according to eLearning Industry, over 42% of businesses are unhappy with their current service.

Hiring an LMS Administrator to manage all of the many factors related to your LMS can be a costly venture and usually requires your company to go through quite the extensive HR hiring process, including justification of the new full time position's salary. 


This is where MODULE LLC comes into the picture....

Using a uniform and professional approach to project management, MODULE LLC can provide you with ongoing Maintenance of your LMS on a contractual basis and at a fraction of what you'd pay to hire a salaried employee.  With experience with a number of LMS platforms and resources to manage nearly any available LMS vendor, MODULE LLC can free up your time, increase productivity and enhance your LMS experience!! 


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