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Module LLC and VirtuaTrain were founded in 2020 to provide a productive outlet for online training content development skills and experience. In a time when environmental and health concerns create challenges in everyday life, the need for online and mobile training becomes more and more evident. Our expertise will offer you options for creating the training solutions to best serve your business and its stakeholders.  From the initial strategy to the final outcome — We offer guidance and support throughout the whole process. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!




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Michael A. Golembiewski - Founder and CEO​

MODULE LLC was founded in Nashville, TN by Michael A. Golembiewski.  Michael is proud to have served in the United States Marine Corps as a member of F.A.S.T. Company located in Norfolk, VA.  Mr. Golembiewski holds a B.A. Degree from Tennessee Technological University and holds Certificates in Adobe Captivate, E-Learning Instructional Design and Designing Learning from the Association for Talent Development. Mr. Golembiewski is  also certified as a PMC-III by the Pragmatic Institute of Marketing and actively serves as the Board Manager for External Outreach and Information Technology on the Executive Committee of The Strong Families Commission (THE COMMISSION).

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